Auditions: State Fair

Looking Glass Theatre is excited to announce auditions for Rodgers & Hammerstein's State Fair.

Audition Times (you only need to attend one):

7:00 pm, Friday, 1/12/18
10:00 am, Saturday, 1/13/18
2:30 pm, Sunday, 1/14/18

Audition Location:

First UU Church of San Diego's Meeting House (4190 Front St.)

Things you should know:

Please arrive on time, prepared to learn and then sing "It's a Grand Night for Signing" from State Fair. Learning and performing a movement combination will also be part of the audition process. (Accommodations for all levels of physical ability will be made!)

Cast Information:

Major speaking/singing roles:
     Abel Frake - Iowa farmer & State Fair contestant
     Melissa Frake - Iowa farmer & State Fair contestant
     Margy - their daughter (late teens/early 20s)
     Wayne - their son (late teens/early 20s)
     Emily Arden - glamorous Starlight Dance Meadow singer
     Pat Gilbert - an ambitious young reporter

Speaking/Singing Roles:
     Hank, Clay & Lem - hog enthusiasts (and Barbershop Quartet material!)
     Vivian & Jeanne - carnival performers

Additional Speaking Roles:
     Violet, an 11 year old jitterbugger
     Eleanor, Wayne's college-bound fiance 
     Harry, Margy's beau 
     Carnival barkers and roustabouts, contest judges and contestants, and more!

Singing Ensemble:
     A Fair isn't a Fair without Fair-goers, so we are looking for an ensemble of all ages ready to try on a few dance moves!


May 4, 7:30PM
May 5, 7:30PM
May 6, 2:30PM
May 11, 7:30PM
May 12, 7:30PM