"Dorothy Meets Alice" Directors

This Spring, to celebrate our 30th Pearl Anniversary, we welcome our original star, Alice, back to our stage. Looking Glass Theatre has teamed up Kia Bordner & Donna Larsen to direct "Dorothy Meets Alice." With six performances, including two matinees, and an almost double cast, this will be a major production. Our fearless duo are confident audiences will enjoy a stellar theatrical experience.

Kia Bordner

Actor, concession stand manager, director, knitter, playwright, publicity chair, etc:  Kia Bordner wears many hats behind the scenes, on stage, & in life.
In 2015, she narrated and directed RiledUp Production's premiere of Spotz! Months later, still recovering from hip surgery, she tackled her first lead role in Heartfelt Productions' One Night’s Sleep. Last spring, Kia donned another hat, literally, as Grandmother Hood (Big Bad Musical). This past November, she wrote and directed The Desk as part of More Life Slices.
Co-directing Dorothy Meets Alice is Kia's greatest theatrical challenge yet, second only to the time she directed a Girl Scout camp’s movie version of Cinderella. That version had a pumpkin magically turn into an orange Pinto and a rag dress costume change into a gown as the young actress-camper spun around and around in the woods. This was all done before the technological advances of the 90’s!
"We have a wonderful cast, filled with many talented newcomers to Looking Glass Theatre. Working with them, our amazing musical director, Donna, and and our great crew, I am certain that no matter which cast or showing someone sees, they will have an enjoyable time in our Tulgey Woods."

Donna Larsen

As this season’s Looking Glass Theatre's Musical Director, Billboard Music Award winning songwriter, Donna Larsen is getting back to her theater roots, at last! Donna's first love is theater, especially musicals, and it has been in her blood ever since her debut, at age 8, as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella.
As a teenager, influenced by the strength and passion of the greats, she was inspired to create her unique vocal style and began playing her own music in San Diego. Donna has cherished performing across North America; in places as different as Alaska and Oaxaca, Mexico, and across Europe; in cities such as Prague, Budapest, Vienna. Her music has become more insightful and spiritually centered as a result of experiencing the richness of these varied cultures. She thrives on writing and performing thought-provoking, positive, and spiritually alive music. Donna lives in gratitude for the gift of music.
Her recently formed The Donna Larsen Band is producing "In My Own Backyard," a beautifully illustrated children's picture songbook and CD, with Noisy Cricket Recording Studio. Donna wrote all the lyrics and music for the heartwarming and imaginative songs about all that is real, and imagined, in a child's backyard.