Announcing the casts of "More Life Slices, a Second Helping"

More Life Slices ...

Five directors share five poignant vignettes

Last fall, instead of a full length production, LGT staged “Life Slices,” a collection of five one act plays. This concept allowed for multiple directors to bring a variety of actors to the stage and significantly reduced rehearsal requirements for the smaller casts. Encouraged by the success of 2015’s “Life Slices,” LGT’s steering committee has crafted "More Life Slices, a Second Helping."

On November 11th and 12th,  LGT will present "More Life Slices, a Second Helping." Directors Everardo Aguilar, Kia Bordner, Les GrantSmith, Gay Hybertsen, and  Rosalie Riedel have selected short plays with mature themes for our second helping. 

Our Muses (Eduardo & Rosalie Riedel) guide the audience along the theatrical feast, linking the five individual plays together with narration written by Rolly Fanton.

Elisa (Ingrid Brinton)  and her brother, Gil (Rile Grant), come to terms with their changing family dynamics and personal lives after their father death, in Gregory Fetcher's "Stairway to Heaven,"directed by Les GrantSmith.

Can Richard (Kevin Kai Lin) sway his standing with Santa (Vincent Baca) on Christmas Eve afternoon? Find out in "The Late Afternoon (Around 3:45 or So) Before Christmas" by Brett Neveu, directed by Everardo Aguilar. (Eduardo Riedel is understudy for both parts.)

Assisted by her personal fitter, Marie (Maxine Levaren),  a post-mastectomy breast cancer survivor, Diane (Vanessa Moreno) navigates "Buying a Brasserie," by Rebecca Ritchie, in Rosalie Riedel's directorial debut. (Karen Brinton is understudy for both parts.)

Gay Hybertsen directs "Ma in Her Kerchief," by Janet Keeny. Andrea (Nikki Hsueh) and her mother-in-law, Ruth, (Laura Gracie) struggle to define their boundaries and new relationship during their emotionally charged first, and last, Christmas morning. (Khushboo Kalyani is understudy to Nikki Hsueh for "Ma in Her Kerchief" & "The Desk.")

When Jill (Nikki Hsueh) and her new wife, Jane, (Khushboo Kalyani) are setting up their  home, she asks her mother for the family desk. Elaine (Laura S. Ferro) takes the audience down Memory Lane, young Elaine (Lisa Cardoza), her husband, Don (Kevin Kai Lin), and a younger Jill (Hannah) relive important family moments in "The Desk," an original play by director Kia Bordner. (Rose Van Oss is understudy for Laura A. Ferro.)